Called: Starla

Animal Symbol: the hunting dog

Appearance description: 5.7 ft tall, green eyes, long brown hair. Likes to wear boots. Age somewhere in between 16-18 years old.

Adjectives to describe her: cheery, assertive, confident, science geek, righteous, but also can be annoying, immature, and depressed.

Wants: To find her sister and to have an adventure!

In relation to: She is the younger sibling of Darcie and is Scout�s (She believes) older sibling. She works with Maam and Speedy Mcnee. She is friends with Chase and Bienfang.

Called: Scout

Animal Symbol: the unlucky black cat

Appearance description: 5.7 ft tall (shortest guy his age in town), green eyes (like Starla), black hair. Has ears that kind of stick out. Wears army like jackets (even though there�s like no war or anything going on.) Age somewhere in between 16-18 years old.

Adjectives to describe him: twitterpated, civil, innocent, protective, but short tempered, moody, passive, and leery.

Wants: Lukaraiah to be his girlfriend.

In relation to: Best friends and classmates with Lukaraiah. He is the younger sibling of Darcie and is Starla�s (he believes) older sibling. He is a student of Mr. Doug. He works for Ma�am part time.

Called: Lukaraiah (Nickname: Luka by Scout)

Animal Symbol: the wolf in sheeps clothing

Appearance description: 5.5 ft tall, Slim, Wavy pale light purple hair (or if you hate anime hair: strawberry blond), gray blue eyes, looks very innocent. Age: around 16 maybe.

Adjectives to describe her: happy, sweet, cute, and yet mysterious in a way.

Wants: unknown

In relation to: Mr. Doug is her father. Scout is her best friend.


Called: Nameless

Animal Symbol: the laughing hyena

Appearance description: WAS 6.5 ft tall, muscular built, silver spiky hair, light blue eyes, big clear and red glass looking spikes out of his back. Simple black clothing and always bare footed. Is 19 years old.

Adjectives to describe him: prideful, negligent, excessive, arrogant, psychotic, gullible, sadistic and not very smart.

Wants: to kill Lukaraiah for reasons unknown.

In relation to:  Is Faceless partner.